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PerlSafe 1.0

Be sure and try the FREE, fully functional demo.

PerlSafe protects your Perl source code by generating binary executables from scripts.

It is not a compiler in the true sense; its sole purpose is to protect your intellectual property contained in your Perl source code.

PerlSafe does this by generating a self-executing, encrypted binary version of your Perl script. PerlSafe is not a compiler in the normal sense of the word, but it does make your source code much safer. Like any copyright protection mechanism, it could feasibly be bypassed by someone determined enough.

PerlSafe is currently available for Linux and OpenBSD x86 based platforms. If you are interested in PerlSafe for another platform please let us know since it is likely that we can accomodate you.

Purchase PerlSafe for Linux x86
Purchase PerlSafe for OpenBSD
Download Linux x86 RPM via HTTP
Download Linux x86 tgz via HTTP
Download OpenBSD package via HTTP

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